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There are two reasons why we, as interns, have come to Ringley. The first is to gain insight in property management; the second is to experience one of Europe’s most unique cities: London. Here is what we’ve learned about London from the friendly people in the Ringley lunch room this week.

Without a doubt, London is distinct in providing anything you could imagine, including culture, food, activities, and architecture. There is hardly a moment when you could feel bored because the city is nonstop excitement! An interesting fact about London is that it has numerous parks scattered around the city. In particular, we recommend seeing Hyde Park, London’s largest and most famous park. You can go for a stroll, go boating, eat out in style or listen to the concerts that happen regularly or you can relax and appreciate the many plants that exist there.

After visiting the park, you could enjoy dinner beside the Thames River. Another option is going to Camden Market and delving into the multicultural environment. Here, you can try a variety of dishes from around the world. For example, you could get a Lebanese falafel wrap, a German baguette, or an African dessert. You’ll always be full and happy!

To finish your brilliant day, you can head to the Shard to have drinks atop the tallest building in Western Europe. At night, the view is most impressive. This is just one possibility in the thousands of activities you can do in London, and you can have all this and more if you choose to work here.