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My name is Killiann Noseki. I arrived in the company at a pretty crucial moment, in fact the company was about to commercialise a product that they had entirely thought out and designed. This project was the launch of Human Resources software in the form of a cloud for small and medium businesses. The softwarkillianne, called “Ringley HR 1:2:1”, is intended for companies that strive to achieve better organization, task distribution and knowledge sharing between the employees themselves and the directors. It helps improve the performance of a business, simply by keeping people in touch in a very quick and structured yet simple way, also by tying tasks and objectives into their job role, so that together the team could push the organization forward.

Several tasks which were given to me have resulted of this project. I had to search for and call potential suppliers in HR Consultancy, analyse competing products, and edit the tutorial video. On one hand I found it very interesting to follow the marketing process committed by Ringley for this product because it is perfectly suitable with the studies I’m doing in a Business School in France. Ringley enabled me to have a vision and outline in the field I’m studying. On the other hand I felt involved in an important approach which gave me motivation and pride once the task was done. I don’t think lots of opportunities like this come up in a company when you are an intern especially if you’re from a foreign country and don’t speak very good English.