Ringley goes remote – but it’s business as usual

Our people will be working remotely for the foreseeable future – but our service to you will continue as normal

From today, Ringley’s London office has closed its doors in order to safeguard our staff and customers. All our people are set up to work from home – with a skeleton staff coming in to scan post and contractor invoices.

We already have an electronic post system, so staff are used to post being distributed to team members this way.  For outgoing post, all customers are being sent ‘Opt-in to e-post’ daily to ensure they can receive everything they would normally get. And if you are worried about management company post, don’t be. Statute permits electronic post for company matters for all companies established after the Companies Act 1985 – not a lot of people know that!

All budgets are enabled for e-signing already as we have been phasing this in over the last nine months, and service charge accounts have been brought to the top of the e-signing list for final accounts.  In the short term, under the Landlord and Tenant Act customers can email their consent and a Ringley Director can sign on their behalf.

Bank reconciliations and contractor payments will continue off-site and all our contractors have been reminded that Ringley supports e-procurement. So as long as they do too, there should be no hindrance to getting them paid as usual.

To support residents in their homes, guidelines have been given to on-site staff and contractors on precautions, waste handling and cleaning in accordance with government advice, which you can see here.

And finally, we have added an extra stage to our arrears process – which is a draft letter for leaseholders to send to their mortgage company to claim their three-month mortgage repayment holiday, as paying service charges is vital to keep buildings insured and things looked after.

As always we will be keeping you updated via this blog, so watch this space in the coming days and weeks as we all work to keep your blocks running smoothly.