New year, brand new services!

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Welcome back to the Ringley Blog after what, we hope, was a happy and relaxing Christmas break. We now have a new year and a new decade to look forward to and we will continue to share thought leadership and new developments at Ringley with you in the months ahead.

First, we’d like to blow our own trumpet and let you know about a few changes we’ve made in response to our customers’ requests.

Top of our customers’ wish list in 2019 was the ability to e-sign on budgets and cover letters so that you can incorporate things you might want to add. This is now standard practice and your feedback shows it’s proving popular. You’re now telling us that this is leading to more interaction around budgets as directors nudge each other to sign them off. In fact, every customer budget that was e-signed in time has now gone out

You also told us that to make direct debits easier to understand, customers want to see the ACTUAL CALCULATION that we use to decide what needs to be collected in charges each month.  So we created a secure page and put customers in control by opening this all up for you to see.

We’ve also been working with clients on a number of sites to help stop AirBNB style lettings.  So if you are troubled by problem short-term lettings on your estate, simply email  and we will do our best to help.

While our job is to manage your buildings, what really matters most is the people who live in them.  We realise that for many of our customers we are almost the fourth emergency service. Our role often includes signposting on issues that may be outside our control, but we can often direct you to the right person to solve the problem.  So in one of our internal workshops our people supported re-orienting what we call ourselves to “Relationship Managers” and “Relationship Assistants”. We hope this will really help underline that all our staff at Ringley are always here to help you in any way we can.

Here’s some more good news to start the year. We are delighted to report that in 2019 we achieved a new record low in service charge arrears. This means we have plenty of funds to pay contractors, ensuring they are happy to attend to your next emergency. 

And finally, on the subject of emergencies, in tomorrow’s blog we will be sharing a new booklet with you that we’ve just produced for residents. This means that should the worst happen, they will always know exactly what to do and who to contact across a whole range of nasty situations from water leaks to mice!