Keep it clean… don’t lose your deposit

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Are you in danger of losing all or part of your deposit when you leave your flat? If you want to make sure you get all your money back, making sure you leave the property clean and in a good state of repair is a good place to start. And don’t underestimate the importance of replacing items listed on the inventory. Some landlords are prepared to be more forgiving than others, but if you only leave one glass in the cupboard or break/damage a major item, such as a kitchen appliance it makes sense to own up fast and buy a replacement or offer to pay for a repair. Don’t leave it until you move out. It is easy to cause bad feeling if you create problems for your landlord who will be hoping to re-let as quickly as possible.

According to the Deposit Protection Service, cleaning is the most common cause of a tenancy deposit dispute in the rental sector, with 63% of landlords saying tenants leaving properties dirty was among their reasons for a claim. Damage caused by tenants is the second most common cause of disputes at 53%, followed by the need to redecorate (37%), and tenants being in rent arrears (23%) at the end of a tenancy. Other issues raised by landlords include gardening (16%), replacing missing items (16%) and outstanding bills (4%).

Students are the worst culprits, with almost a quarter losing part or all of part of their rental deposit when they left their accommodation at the end of the last academic year.

Ringley has contracts with a wide range of cleaning companies and maintenance contractors. If you are nearing the end of your tenancy and are worried that you may be leaving your flat in a poor condition or in need of repair, talk to us before you end up in a dispute. Your landlord is our client too and we may be able to help. The cost may not be as much as you think. It’s worth making that call if it could make the difference between getting your deposit back or losing your money.