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Download our booklet today – it could save you and your residents a lot of time and money!

Everyone faces a problem in their flat from time to time. Generally, these issues are minor and easily dealt with. But what about emergencies like water pouring through the ceiling from the flat upstairs, the central heating breaking down in the middle of winter, or a sudden infestation of flies or mice? Would your residents know what to do?

To make sure building managers can give leaseholders all the information they need – and hopefully avoid having to get out of bed at 2.00am to find a stopcock – Ringley has produced an easy-to-read guide that can be downloaded here. It’s designed to give you peace of mind that you have all the bases covered – and so do your residents.

Our Emergency Booklet is really comprehensive. It tackles everything from gas and roof leaks to finding someone sleeping the hallway. It explains clearly which emergencies can be dealt with by Ringley and which issues must be dealt with by residents themselves. It details when to call Ringley’s 24-hour emergency line (and includes the telephone number) and explains when to call the plumber, the local authority or the police instead. Gas and electricity problems – probably the most common issues we deal with – are discussed in detail and contact numbers provided.

Individual situations are clearly explained and the booklet lists what is and what isn’t an emergency. A blown light bulb is rarely life-threatening. It is important that residents realise this and don’t waste time and money on problems that can easily wait a few hours.

Our booklet also sets out clearly another important point that is often misunderstood. The service charges that residents pay are not for spending on work inside theirs or other people’s properties. Leases require the owner to maintain and repair what’s inside their property.  That includes contents, carpets, fixtures and fittings, pipes and wires.  These cannot be repaired/replaced/maintained using service charges.

We recommend that you download the booklet today and make sure all your residents have a copy. It could save a lot of time, reduce costly call-outs – and give managers fewer sleepless nights!