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Deeply ingrained in Ringley’s traditions is the annual Company Day, when everyone comes together to celebrate the company and employee achievements of the year. Through various team building exercises, we have the opportunity to get to know each other on a deeper level. Before the actual day, only a handful of people in the office actually know where the event will be and what will happen. This year, most only knew that it would take place in a hotel in Edgware, and they needed to be on the bus at 9am! In the bus, everyone was separated into seven teams, and on arrival we competed in a game called Sink or Float. This was where everyone was shown pictures of fruits and vegetables, and we had to guess which would sink or float. After this, we were all separated again into three different groups. One group had etiquette training, the second made bricks, and the third cooked lunch for everyone. The theme of the day was taking responsibility, and everyone was working towards that in their tasks.

After the delicious lunch that the cooking team prepared, a bus took us to one of the sites managed by Ringley, and the team did their best at working out what the budget and annual charge per owner would be. Those not participating in this event prepared afternoon tea and dressed as waiters to greet us and take our orders on our return. To round off the day, the group got back into our original seven teams and learned and interviewed each other about the values and procedures at Ringley. Everyone was in good spirits after this, and some employees were awarded for their special achievements from the year. For instance, there were awards for providing five star service, graduating, or fixing customer issues. At the end of the day, we had a fun time, and we felt more interconnected as a company.