AGMs and service charges: your questions answered

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Virtual AGMS are coming to a screen near you!

Our business continuity planning is paying off. We have now switched to virtual AGMs – the first of which was held for residents at Union Park. This is easy to do and we would like to suggest that if you consider doing the same, you may get more people to attend your AGM – which we can facilitate for you using Zoom.

So how does it work? Well, we can simply invite all residents to the virtual AGM and they can then either download the app, or double click on the weblink we send out. This takes the invitee to a ‘virtual room’ (with or without video) where other participants will be waiting along with the moderator (Ringley). Participants join the meeting in ‘muted mode’ and invitees can participate at any time by ‘raising their virtual hand’ enabling us to unmute them while they speak.  It’s that easy.

For small meetings all Ringley people can set up conference calls. So let your property manager know if this is something you  would like us to arrange for your block

Deferring service charge payments

We’ve had a number of enquiries about deferring service charge payments. This is to be expected with so many residents worried about their income as the country goes into lockdown. Regrettably, deferment is not possible because we only collect the exact amount specified in the budget and this is desperately needed.  Insurance, electricity, cleaning and all other bills still need to be paid.

Service charges are not like a commercial business.  If owners do not pay for the upkeep of their block – who will? And worse, not paying would put not only the security of your home but the health and safety of you and all your neighbours at risk. As the government has announced that you can claim a 3-month mortgage repayment holiday we recommend you claim this quickly – before the rush – and use some of this money to pay your service charge.

Community halls

For sites with community halls that pay business rates, unless you tell us otherwise we will be instructing Alistair McGill of Ringley Survey & Valuation Limited to make a business rates claim for you.  Alistair’s contact details are  Likewise if you need help with business rates rebates on your business premises Alistair can assist.

Should you have any questions or concerns about the impact of coronavirus on your block, please do contact us direct. We will share your questions (anonymously) and answers in the next client update and via this blog.