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The social life at Ringley is more than just cordial and superficial conversations. Ringley is unique in that it is a melting pot of cultures from around the world. We each bring something special to the table, including our experiences, food, and language. This means that we learn something new every day, ranging from learning to say “hello” in Russian to trying food from India. New interns and employees with different cultural backgrounds arrive constantly, so the excitement never stops.

We always have something to talk about, and because everyone has a different point of view, we have very enriched conversations. We all accept each other for who we are, so we are able to speak openly about various topics. Even as people come and go, we are able to make lasting friendships that will continue into the future.
Beyond lunch and the office, we sometimes hang out after work on Fridays. The relaxed environment helps us to consolidate our friendships. Traditionally, we go to the pub to grab a few beers, and this allows us to talk to people we do not often see in the office. Though we can have fun talking to each other, at the end of the day, we always come back to talking about responsibilities at Ringley. Even though we are “only” interns, we feel like we belong at the company.