How to sell your flat – fast!

If you want to sell your flat but it feels as if it’s taking forever, you’re not alone. New research from Rightmove found that more than a quarter of properties currently for sale have been on the market for at least six months. Stamp Duty changes, mortgage restrictions and high prices, to say nothing of Brexit uncertainty, are making the market sluggish.

Want to sell your flat? Rightmove has some tips for a quick sale.

The property website found that 28% of properties have been on its books for six months or more, while 8% of properties have been listed for at least a year. So if you can’t sell your flat, then overall demand in your area could be low due to local market conditions. However, if other flats are selling and yours isn’t, Rightmove’s Miles Shipside says you either have a property with limited appeal or the price is too high.

So before you give up and take your flat off the market, here are eight tips from Miles to give your home that all-important kerb appeal and sell your flat – fast. 

Don’t rush to put your home on the market –The majority of properties will receive 70% of interest in the first two weeks, so know who you want to sell to and make sure you have at least five good quality photos, a floor-plan and a carefully written description of the property before it is listed.

Give the best first impression – First impressions really can make or break a deal. Anyone coming to the door will make an initial assessment before they’ve even walked inside. So if the exterior of your block or the common areas are due for a fresh coat of paint, wait before putting your flat on the market.

Use the professionals – Don’t just take a few snaps on your phone. If you’re able to use a photographer, or your agent can offer one to take pictures of your home, then take the opportunity to make sure buyers looking online or in estate agents’ windows see your flat at its best.

Clear the clutter – Help buyers picture themselves living in your home. That’s hard to do if your possessions are everywhere, so de-clutter your flat and let potential buyers imagine themselves making it their own.

Hide the litter tray – Pets and property viewings are not always a good  mix. So make sure yours are out of sight when potential buyers are around.

Listen to advice –Estate agents may not give you the advice you want to hear when you’re preparing your home for sale, but it may be the advice you need.

DIY viewings aren’t always the best option – It can sometimes be hard to have the owner in the property when buyers are taking a look around. It may be better to go out and leave your agent to it. After all, that’s what you’re paying them for.

Plan your price – Researching how much you can reasonably expect for a flat in your area, pricing your home competitively and being prepared to negotiate is more likely to shift the odds of selling in your favour.

And finally, a tip from Ringley. A great property manager makes all the difference to how happy your buyer’s block living experience will be, so don’t forget to give us a mention if you’re happy with our service. It could make all the difference.

Good luck!