Ringley champions apprenticeships and takes on four more

Ringley is committed to staff development and promotion of skills and education for young people. In February (as part of National Apprenticeship Week) both elements were brought together by taking on four additional apprentices and helping to launch COATA (The Confederation of Apprenticeship Training Agencies) which has HRH The Duke of York as its patron.

UK youth unemployment stands at 22%, accounting for over a million young people. Ringley is continuing to do its part in helping this ‘lost generation’ onto the employment ladder, by more than doubling the number of apprenticeships it provides.
With a workforce of over 50, Ringley initially took on three apprentices but was so pleased with their abilities and commitment, it is now taking on four more via the London Apprenticeship Company (LAC), an organisation that directly employs young people, taking all the risk and bureaucracy of recruitment and employment away from a host business. The first three apprentices went into client liaison, finance and communications roles, whilst two of those just joining are going into professional services, one into legal and the other into IT. All Ringley apprentices get to experience different aspects of the business, learn how the whole company works but most importantly contribute to the company’s success from day one.

“I’m particularly interested in staff development and in promoting skills and education for young people, so I’m delighted to continue supporting an apprenticeship training initiative,” explains Mary-Anne Bowring, MD at Ringley Group. “Even in these tough economic times, businesses need to invest in their staff and help young people onto the first rung of the commercial ladder. By providing them with an opportunity to demonstrate the value they can deliver and by supporting their progress, each of the apprentices we currently employ has proved their worth and they contribute to the growing success of our business.”
Mary-Anne Bowring and Jasper Gray (Ringley’s first apprentice who is due to graduate next month to a
‘real’ fulltime job with Ringley) were also invited to the launch of COATA (The Confederation of Apprenticeship Training Agencies) as part of National Apprenticeship Week 2012, (6-10 February 2012). Here they met with VIP’s and talked about their positive experience of using an apprenticeship training agency from the employers and employees perspective. An umbrella organisation that has HRH The Duke of York, as its patron, COATA has been set up by 11 Apprenticeship Training Agencies across the UK to promote and support apprenticeships and includes London Apprenticeship Company as one of the founders.

Jake Lewis was the last of the first three apprentices to join Ringley. He initially wanted to become a PE teacher but didn’t do too well in his AS exams so started to apply for volunteer sports coach roles with no success. He then attended an LAC assessment day and because he enjoyed maths, thought a Finance apprenticeship was for him and was quickly placed with Ringley. Jake explained: “So far I have spent time getting used to the computer system here and once I have a firm grasp on this will move onto more advanced stuff like bank reconciliation! Although still new, I already feel I’ve learned more here in my induction period than I ever did at school! I was also quite a shy person but this job is helping me come out of my shell.”
The London Apprenticeship Company provides a solution to the problems faced by both job seekers and employers today. It offers a valuable work-based learning route for individuals wanting to start out on a career path, but not wanting to go down the traditional route of formal education. For employers, apprenticeships provide businesses with talented, motivated people ready for the world of work… and at an affordable cost.

For more information about what Ringley Group has to offer in terms of employment and property management services visit www.ringley.co.uk or for the London Apprenticeship Company and apprenticeships currently on offer visit www.londonapprenticeship.co.uk or call 020 7963 8548.

And looking to the future Mary-Anne Bowring concludes: “Apprenticeships are an ideal way for businesses to move forward and grow. We have high hopes for the four new apprentices joining us and we will certainly be looking at taking on additional resource in this way. London Apprenticeship Company has and continues to prove to be the perfect partner in achieving our success.”